Buffy, The Vampire Slayer

Original Stories



The following stories are based on the TV series Buffy, The Vampire Slayer, created by Joss Whedon. A summary accompanies each title below.


The Willow and Sara Series

Type of Story: Screenplay
Complete: 1st and 2nd are complete; 3rd is not.
Rating: PG-13


Intended to reunite Alyson Hannigan and Amber Benson in a spin-off series of TV movies, these screenplays feature a new character for Amber Benson: Sara.

The Power Of Three Series

Type of Story: Fiction
Complete: Book One is complete; Book Two is complete.
Rating: PG-13 to NC-17

Series Summary:

After Oz leaves Sunnydale, Willow turns to best friend, Buffy, and new friend, Tara, for comfort, resulting in a remarkable new relationship for all three. Amidst the daily dangers of life on the Hellmouth, the three women forge bravely ahead, using their newly-discovered powers to fight the forces of evil wherever they find them.

Out Of Shadow Into Light

Type of Story: Fiction
Complete: Yes
Rating: R (for extreme domestic violence)


After temporarily escaping the abusive conditions of her father’s home, seventeen-year-old Tara Maclay finds herself back in his care when her mother dies. How will she find a way out of this living hell? Note: This story was written as backhistory for Tara for The Power of Three Series below.

Pony Time

Type of Story: Fiction
Complete: Yes
Rating: NC-17 (for explicit sex)


A small spin-off from The Power of Three Book 2, this story shows what happened between Wishverse Faith and Vamp Willow during their "pony time."

Twice Chosen

Type of Story: Fiction
Complete: No. It's in progress.
Rating: PG-13


It's a Season 3 Rewrite that pairs Buffy and Faith romantically. It begins with this premise: What happened after the fight with Kakistos?

The Buffy Tapes

Type of Story: Hybrid Fiction/Screenplay (a.k.a. "Watchers" style)
Complete: Yes
Rating: PG-13


Faith awakens from her coma and finds that the Council has been recording surveillance of her hospital room. She finds a stack of videotapes that contain recordings of Buffy’s visits to see her. What do the tapes reveal? And how does Faith react to seeing them?


Type of Story: Fiction (but told in alternating first person accounts)
Complete: Yes.
Rating: R (for violence and language)


Buffy and Faith become involved with each another, but Faith’s accidental killing of Deputy Mayor Finch threatens to split them up.

Follow Your Heart

Type of Story: Hybrid Fiction/Screenplay (a.k.a. "Watchers" style)
Complete: No.
Rating: NC-17 (for language, violence, and explicit sex)


This story explores Faith's reaction to Buffy's death and resurrection, and it presents a new take on the real reason Buffy was raised from the dead.

Watchers and Watchers: Restoration

Type of Story: Virtual Series Episodes (written in Hybrid Fiction/Screenplay format a.k.a. "Watchers" style)
Complete: About nine.
Rating: PG-13


Watchers is a virtual series spin-off of Buffy, The Vampire Slayer. It picks up where Season 7 of BTVS left off. Willow and Faith and Giles move to Cleveland, where they know another hellmouth is located, and start a new version of the Watchers Council. For the first few seasons, Buffy goes into a much-deserved retirement and is only an occasional guest star. But she becomes more prevalent in the later seasons. Watchers has five full seasons and 124 episodes in all.

Watchers: Restoration is a virtual series spin-off of the original WatchersWatchers: Restoration is based on the Season 1 episode of Watchers entitled "Restoration," which introduced the Watchers Council of the year 2130. The main characters of Restoration are Sebastian Giles (a descendant of Rupert Giles), Jocasta Rosenberg (the great, great, great granddaughter of Willow Rosenberg and the reincarnation of Willow herself), and Katherine Allison (the reincarnation of Tara Maclay). Restoration has one season of 9 "hour-length" episodes and one season of 4 "movie-length" episodes.

I have written six episodes of Watchers (one each in Seasons 2 and 3, two in Season 4, and two in Season 5). I have written five episodes of Restoration (in Season 1). Although the Restoration movies have been team written, I have been the head writer on all four of them in Season 2.

Watchers and Watchers: Restoration Fan Fiction

Type of Story: Fan Fiction in Watchers style
Complete: 3 stories are complete: "Loss" and "Just Pretend" and "Hidden: After the Dance"
Rating: The first two are R. The last is NC-17 (for explicit sex).

Summary of "Loss":

While a new vampire species menaces the city, a powerful talisman, once thought lost, comes into the possession of the Council, just in time for an unexpected visitor.

Summary of "Just Pretend":

What really happened on the cab ride from The Alcove? Kennedy said that she had managed to fend off Rowena’s busy little hands, but what if that weren’t true?

Summary of "Hidden: After the Dance":

What really happened when Buffy left the media room after her hot dance with Faith? (more hotness, I can tell ya that!)


All of the materials borrowed from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel belong to Joss Whedon and to the entities and companies associated with their creation.  I have borrowed them for creative and entertainment purposes only.  No compensation has been or ever shall be received for the writing below.  No copyright infringement is intended.