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Spoilers: BtVS Season 3’s "The Wish" and "Doppelgangland" (only in terms of where Vamp Willow comes from originally); Power of Three, Book 1, Parts 10 and beyond.

Pairings: Wishverse-Faith / Wishverse-Vamp Willow

Author’s Notes: (1) This is a behind-the-scenes story from The Power of Three, Book 2, Part 13. It explores what wasn’t dramatized during Faith and Vamp Willow’s “pony time.” I’ve included two scenes from Part 13 to establish context (the first two scenes below). Don’t forget that in this story Vamp Willow has the beginnings of a soul, which she inherited from Willow when she was inadvertently called over from the Wishverse in “Doppelgangland.” (2) Thanks to Gideon for reminding me that the PoT-verse needed some more “pony time.” (3) And thanks, as always, to Lilly for her invaluable feedback and editing.

Number of Chapters: 1

Complete: 1

Story Summary: Faith and Vamp Willow really enjoy their “pony time.”

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About an hour before dawn, Faith and Vamp Willow were finishing up a long night of patrolling. At the moment, they were in the middle of dispatching a fanged foursome near the Mercer mausoleum. After slaying her two adversaries, Faith turned to watch her lover in action.

Whirling with practiced skill, the redhead was systematically pummeling the two vampires, alternating from one to the other until they were both just tottering on their feet. She could have dusted them much faster, especially if she had used her magic, but she was intentionally prolonging their demise—a pattern she had been repeating all night. When the fight was completely gone from the pair, Vamp Willow eyed them with disgust and staked them.

“Good work,” Faith complimented.

Vamp Willow gave Faith a haughty side-glance and refused to speak—another pattern she had been repeating all night. Then she stomped away.

Exasperated and somewhat annoyed, Faith hurried to catch up with her. “Look, I said I was sorry, okay?”

Vamp Willow stopped in place and whipped around. “Sorry for what?” she shot back, finally ending the silent treatment.

“For what I said.”

Vamp Willow just glared at Faith expectantly until the slayer was forced to go on.

“For saying that I didn’t expect you to understand.”

Vamp Willow stared at Faith intently for a long moment. “You don’t have a clue, do you?” she accused.

“About what?” the slayer asked.

“About why that pissed me off so goddamned much!!!”

“I, um...uhhh...” Faith looked totally lost.

Vamp Willow shook her head and started stomping off once again. Faith ran after her and grabbed her arm to stop her.

“You’re right...I don’t,” Faith admitted. “But I wanna know.” The slayer’s voice was sincere, and her eyes were pleading.

The irate vampire sighed and glanced at the ground for a short time. When she looked back up, the anger in her eyes was tinged with hurt. “Just because I don’t have a full soul doesn’t mean I’m less than you.”

“I know that,” Faith said defensively.

Vamp Willow huffed in disbelief and took a few steps away before giving the slayer a skeptical eyebrow lift. She watched Faith’s brow furrow deeply as she struggled to understand what her girlfriend was trying to tell her. She wasn’t encouraged by the confusion she saw in Faith’s expression, and she felt her anger rising once again. She let her eyes bore into Faith’s.

“If all I am to you is some soul-less plaything,” Willow told her sharply, “then this is not gonna work.” She gestured between herself and Faith. “This...whatever it is we’re doing. I won’t be somebody’s bitch, not even for you!” She crossed her arms tightly and turned away.

“You’re not,” Faith insisted as she closed the distance between them. She stood in front of the redhead and reached out to touch her shoulder. “I swear.”

Vamp Willow didn’t respond to her touch and didn’t appear to be the least bit mollified by her words. Faith reluctantly went on.

“I...I didn’t realize...how it sounded...what I said,” Faith offered. “I...I’m sorry.”

After several extremely long seconds, Vamp Willow finally met Faith’s gaze. “Okay then,” she said in testy acceptance of Faith’s apology. She pulled out of the slayer’s grasp and walked a few feet away. Then she stopped and glanced back at Faith. “We should go,” she told her. “It’ll be dawn soon.”

At that, she strode away, with an only slightly less confused Faith following.


Within a half hour or so, the two were at Giles’s apartment, cleaning up after their night of slaying. They knew Giles was at Joyce’s and wouldn’t be back until later that morning. Vamp Willow had showered first and was now in the guest bedroom, halfway through getting dressed. Just then, a naked Faith walked in, towel-drying her wet hair.

She found her girlfriend sitting on the edge of the far side of the bed, intentionally faced away from her. It was obvious from her current posture and her return to silence that—despite her earlier acceptance of Faith’s apology—the redhead was still holding a grudge.

Faith made a silent sigh and went about the task of drying off and putting on her underclothes. When she sat down to put on her socks, she cut her eyes in Willow’s direction. The redhead was fiddling with her hair, clearly stalling any need to turn around.

Faith turned back around and slumped for a moment as she thought deeply. Then she took a deep breath, got up, and walked around to Vamp Willow’s side of the bed. She knelt at her feet and took both of the vampire’s hands into her own.

“I’m really sorry about what I said earlier,” Faith began. “I don’t think of you as less than me or as some disposable plaything.”

She gave Willow’s hands a squeeze, and the redhead returned the gesture, looking deeply into Faith’s eyes as she went on.

“What we have—whatever it might be—it matters to me. A lot. And I don’t want to lose it. Or you.”

Vamp Willow gave Faith a tiny smile and nodded but said nothing in reply.

“So, what do I need to do to make things right?” Faith asked.

Instantly, Vamp Willow’s face lit up in a brilliant but mischievous grin. “Pony time?” she offered with hope-and-lust-filled eyes.

Faith groaned in mild complaint and let her head fall back against her shoulders. Then she laughed at herself and turned back to her girlfriend. “Walked right into that one, didn’t I?”

Vamp Willow’s grin became a sexy smirk. “Uh-huh!” she chirped in a pleased-with-herself tone.

Faith laughed again and then gave her lover a nod of acquiescence. Before she could even finish her nod, Vamp Willow was on her, growling and taking her to the floor.


Once she had her down, Vamp Willow kissed Faith roughly, practically devouring her mouth. When Faith tried to run her hands along Vamp Willow’s sides, the redhead morphed into her demonic visage, grabbed her by the wrists, and forced her arms to the floor.

“My game now, slayer...” she growled menacingly.

Faith silently nodded in agreement, but her girlfriend was gripping her wrists so tightly that she couldn’t stop herself from grimacing in pain.

The redhead loosened her vampire-strength grip but kept Faith pinned beneath her. “Should I stop?” she whispered huskily.

Faith gave her a defiant smirk. “I know the safe word. I can take anything your little demon self can dish out.”

Vamp Willow laughed haughtily and retightened her grip before driving her fangs toward Faith’s chest.


Within moments, both women were completely naked, their underclothes having been quickly and carelessly cast aside. And soon after that, Faith was on the floor on her hands and knees, bearing on her back a wickedly grinning, but no longer fangy, Vamp Willow.

The redhead was straddling Faith, bracing herself with her hands against the slayer’s shoulders. As Faith crawled around the room, Vamp Willow let herself grind against the slayer’s back. She closed her eyes and moaned in pleasure at each rocking motion made by the ride.

When she felt Faith stop, however, her eyes flew open, and she found Faith lifting one of her hands off the floor in order to rotate her wrist. Vamp Willow gave her a hard smack on the ass.

“Giddyup, pony!” she demanded, giving her lover a second smack.

“Hang on,” Faith replied. “I’m just stretching my wrists.”

Vamp Willow instantly grabbed Faith by the hair and pulled her head back until she could lean over and whisper in the slayer’s ear. “I think somebody’s forgetting who’s in charge.”

“No, I just...” When Vamp Willow pulled her hair even more, Faith swallowed and corrected herself. “No, Mistress, I haven’t forgotten.”

“That’s better,” Vamp Willow said, “but I still think you need a reminder.”

She released Faith’s hair and allowed the slayer’s head to return to its former position. But then she reached down and tapped Faith’s biceps with her hands.

“Arms,” she ordered.

“What?” Faith asked, confused.

“Give me your arms,” Vamp Willow insisted. “Since your arms are giving you so much trouble, you’ll ride me without them.”

“What?” Faith repeated. “I can’t ride you without—”

“ ‘Can’t ’?” Vamp Willow interrupted in an incensed tone, clearly implying that she would not accept any excuses.

Faith closed her eyes for a few seconds and then steeled herself for the task. She lifted her left hand from the floor and moved her arm back until she felt Vamp Willow take her wrist and hold it at her hip. When she felt her girlfriend pat her other side impatiently, Faith took a deep breath and moved her right arm back as well. Faith groaned loudly as she struggled to maintain the riding posture Vamp Willow was demanding.

“You’re leaning down too much,” Vamp Willow complained, giving Faith’s arms a backward tug, using them like reins. “I want a level ride.”

Faith gritted her teeth and raised her torso slightly so that her upper body was roughly parallel to the floor. Soon she was breathing hard from the exertion.

“That’s better,” Vamp Willow complimented smugly. “Now...show me what my slayer pony can do.”

At that, Faith began a plodding knee-walk around the room. It was only by virtue of her slayer strength that Faith was able to keep her body level. After several turns about the perimeter, Faith was grunting and panting, her body trembling as it neared muscle fatigue.

Vamp Willow sensed this, of course, and ordered her pony to stop. She released Faith’s arms and said, “Down.”

With Vamp Willow still on her back, Faith gratefully sank to the floor and lay flat and facedown upon it, unable to move. Vamp Willow rolled off Faith’s back and snuggled up beside her. She reached out and gently stroked Faith’s hair.

“Is my little pony tired?” she asked.

Faith didn’t speak; she just nodded weakly.

“Pony want a rub-down?”

Again, Faith just nodded, too exhausted to form words.

Vamp Willow snickered a bit and then rose to a kneeling position. She pushed Faith’s long hair aside and began massaging the slayer’s tight shoulders. With surprisingly skilled hands, she worked her way down Faith’s body, loosening the muscles that had knotted up during playtime. When she was done with Faith’s back, she turned her over and did her front, focusing most of her attention on the slayer’s overworked abdominals. When finished, she straddled Faith’s legs, leaned over, and planted a happy kiss on her forehead.

“All better now?” she asked, hovering her face over Faith’s.

The brunette smiled and reached up to run her hands along Vamp Willow’s sides before pulling her down for a deep kiss.

“Muuuuch better,” Faith answered after the kiss.

“Good ’cause we’re not done yet,” Vamp Willow informed her, an unrepentant smirk on her face.

“Didn’t figure we were,” Faith added with a smile.

Vamp Willow caressed Faith’s cheek with her fingertips. “Such a smart pony.”

Faith leaned up into a sitting position but kept Vamp Willow in her lap. She wrapped her arms around the redhead and pulled her close, kissing her over and over, moving down her neck until she could focus her attentions on her girlfriend’s breasts.

Vamp Willow was breathing in short gasps, and she held her head back to give Faith greater access. When Faith worked her way back up to Vamp Willow’s mouth, the redhead forced herself to push them apart.

Panting, she told Faith, “You’re...not supposed to be...Ohhhh...”

Her words melted into a groan as she felt Faith spread her legs and slide her fingers against her clit. As Faith began a slow, easy movement, Vamp Willow braced her hands against the slayer’s shoulders and gave in to the welcome assault. She rocked in counter-time with Faith’s strokes. When she heard her own panting groans change in pitch and reach their high point, she felt Faith thrust inside her with two fingers. She let out an explosive breath as her internal muscles clenched in a spasm around Faith’s fingers. Once her orgasm began to fade, she fell weakly against her lover, letting the slayer hold her in place.

After a moment, Faith removed her fingers and lay back on the floor, pulling Vamp Willow with her. And for several silent minutes, they lay comfortably entangled with one another. Eventually, though, Vamp Willow separated herself and leaned up on her elbow. She ran an accusing finger across Faith’s belly.

You weren’t given permission to do that,” she told the slayer.

Faith turned to look at her. She gave her frowning girlfriend a look of mock confusion. “I wasn’t?” she asked, her lips curving into a grin.

No, you weren’t,” Vamp Willow stated firmly. “Now you’ll have to be punished.”

Faith just chuckled in reply until Vamp Willow poked her in the stomach, turning her chuckle into an oomph.


A short time later, Faith was standing in the center of the room. Her feet were spread shoulder-width apart, and her hands were clasped behind her head with the fingers interlaced. Her back was to the bed, and Vamp Willow was circling her, a wide leather belt in her hands.

In addition to the fang marks on Faith’s breasts, there were now numerous welts across the slayer’s body—on her buttocks, her thighs, and even her stomach. Faith was breathing hard but maintaining her position of submission.

Vamp Willow gave the belt a tightening tug between her two hands then reared back and brought the strap down hard on Faith’s lower back.

“Twenty-four,” Faith forced herself to say. “Thank you, Mistress.” Within seconds she was saying, “Twenty-five...thank you, Mistress.”

Vamp Willow took her right hand off the belt and gently touched the fresh welts on Faith’s back. When she moved down and began caressing the ones on Faith’s ass, she felt the slayer start to tremble, but not out of pain. She dropped the belt completely and pressed herself against Faith’s back, reaching around to run both of her hands up the slayer’s stomach to her breasts. She felt Faith’s trembling grow stronger. She reached down and teasingly ran the fingers of one hand through her lover’s wet folds.

“Does my pony need something?” she asked sarcastically. “Sure seems like she does...”

“Yes!” Faith begged urgently.

Vamp Willow moved around to the front and met Faith’s eyes. “Yes, what?” she prompted, slowly dragging the palm of her hand between the slayer’s breasts.

“Yes, Mistress,” Faith amended.

Vamp Willow grinned and then gave Faith a vampire-strength shove against her chest, sending the slayer flying onto the bed on her back. Before Faith even had time to reposition herself, Vamp Willow was on her, pushing her legs apart and thrusting a finger inside her. The redhead quickly added a second finger, gradually increasing the pressure and depth of her penetrations but not their speed.

Faith gripped the bed’s comforter. “Faster, faster!” she demanded.

Vamp Willow chuckled and said, “Not yet, baby. Almost there.”

She added a third finger then a fourth and kept up her maddeningly slow pace. With Faith panting in both anticipation and frustration, she relentlessly continued her movements until finally she folded her thumb in and pressed her whole hand inside her lover.

With a loud groan, Faith arched off the bed as she felt herself spasm against the presence of Vamp Willow’s fist inside her; then she lay back on the bed. Her groan became a series of high-pitched moans as the redhead began a slow, slightly twisting stroke within her. When Vamp Willow increased her speed, Faith began bucking against the thrusts, letting out what sounded like feral growls. By the time both of them had worked themselves into a sweaty frenzy, Faith roared and went stiff, holding her breath as her orgasm rolled through her like a tidal wave.

After a seemingly interminable amount of time, Faith finally exhaled and went limp against the bed. Vamp Willow carefully removed her hand. Then she too flopped back against the bed, exhausted.


Later, the two lovers lay entwined on the bed, Faith still on her back, Vamp Willow now curled up next to her with one arm and one leg draped over the other woman’s body.

“Thank you,” Vamp Willow cooed in girlfriend’s ear.

In reply, Faith merely let out an extremely heavy groan.

A worried expression came over Vamp Willow’s face, but she forced herself to grin and lightly ask, “Was that an ‘I’m so happy I’ve been fucked senseless’ groan or an ‘I hurt so much I don’t know why I do this’ groan?”

Faith chuckled and replied in a gravelly voice, “Both.”

When she looked over at Vamp Willow, however, the redhead wasn’t laughing with her. The vampire’s expression was curiously pained. Faith instantly sobered and cleared her throat.

“What?” she prompted in concern.

With a frown, Vamp Willow asked, “Why do you do this?”

Faith was confused. “Do what?”

Vamp Willow didn’t speak; instead, she trailed her fingers over the bite marks on Faith’s breasts and the belt marks on her torso. Then she said quietly, “This.”

Gingerly, Faith turned over so that she could face her girlfriend. “Hey, I’m no stranger to rough sex,” she told her. “I’m just not usually on the receiving end of it.” For a second time she tried laughing, but once again Vamp Willow didn’t laugh along.

“You haven’t answered my question,” the redhead pressed.

Faith sobered again and thought for a long moment. “I-I-I don’t know...I guess a part of me gets off on it to a certain extent.”

“But...you don’t like it as well as when you’re the dom...”

“No, not as much,” Faith agreed. “But you don’t hear me complainin’, do ya?” She grinned, but Vamp Willow hung her head, still troubled. “What about you?” Faith asked. “I’m pretty sure you’d like pony time a lot more often than you’re gettin’ it.”

Vamp Willow didn’t raise her eyes; she just gave a small, noncommittal shrug.

Faith was now even more confused than ever. In the span of only a few minutes, her lover had gone from aggressive, arrogant domination to shy, vulnerable insecurity. These changes were common with the newly-souled vampire, but they left Faith no less bewildered each time they occurred. So Faith did what she always did in these situations: she went with the flow as best she could.

Faith reached over and lifted Vamp Willow’s chin. She was surprised to find a few tears on the vampire’s face. “What’s really goin’ on here?” she asked in a gentle voice. “What are you so worried about?”

Vamp Willow shook her head, wiping at her tears as even more tumbled over her lids. “I don’t know, it’s just...I-I-It’s like I’m two different people. One version of me wants to hurt you, ravage you, torture you, a-a-and the other version is just appalled and hates what’s happening to you, hates that I’m the one doing it, and I-I-I don’t know how you can stand to be with someone like that, why you would even let me—”

Faith reached over and put her hand over her girlfriend’s mouth to stop her rant. Once Vamp Willow had stopped mumbling, Faith looked her in the eyes and willed her to truly listen to what she was about to say.

“I’m here because I want to be,” Faith told her sincerely. “And you can’t do anything to me unless I let you, and I let you because I know you want it, that a part of you needs it.” After a pause, she ran her hand along the welts on her thigh and said, “It’s just pain. It’s only temporary.” She looked up and flashed a tough-gal smile. “I’m a slayer; I’m used to it...’Sides, it’s not alllll bad...” She gave her girlfriend a mischievous wink.

Vamp Willow’s face finally lit up into a smile. “Are you saying you’re getting some kind of kinky slayer sub itch scratched when you let me have pony time?”

Faith actually blushed. “Uhhh, I, um...I-I-I don’t think I would have phrased it like that...”

Vamp Willow’s smile turned into a smirk, and she put on a sing-songy, Sandra-Bullock-in-Miss-Congeniality voice. “You liiiike it...you loooove it...you want to do it moooore...”

“Shut up...”

The End

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