By DragonWriter17


The Willow and Sara Series consists of three screenplays intended to reunite Alyson Hannigan and Amber Benson in a spin-off series of TV movies that focus on the character of Willow.  However, they feature a new character for Amber Benson: Sara.

The summaries of these screenplays are given below.

NOTE: These stories are in screenplay format, not in fiction format.  And they are all rated PG-13.

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Shattered Illusions

Two years ago, Willow lost the love of her life to a stray bullet that was meant for someone else.  She's recovered from her loss and even moved on to a new relationship.  Then a chance encounter brings her face-to-face with a stranger who looks exactly like her dead girlfriend.  What does she do?  This is the situation in which Willow Rosenberg, best friend of Buffy, finds herself. 

It’s been a year since Sunnydale bit the dust, taking the Hellmouth with it.  But the danger is far from over--as Willow discovers in her new life with a new job in a new city, all without her best friends Buffy and Xander conveniently nearby.  A computer geek by day and a warrior witch by night, Willow leads the crusade against the local forces of darkness.  Aiding Willow in her fight are Kennedy, her current girlfriend and now a bonafide Slayer; Andrew, a former member of the Evil Trio, now reformed; and Ruby, a psychic advisor whose gift of Sight is very real.  The battle against evil isn’t the most difficult aspect of Willow’s life, however.  The hardest part is deciding what to do about her budding friendship with (and growing attraction to) Sara, her beloved Tara’s look-alike.  By the end of the movie, Willow will be forced to choose in a way she never expected.


Willow and Sara are a month into their new relationship.  All is going well--until  Wai-Yi, a powerful warlock from China, comes calling.  He has come halfway around the world for one thing and one thing only: Willow.  But not the good Willow we all know and love.  No, he wants Evil Willow.  And he’s willing to do anything to get her, including raising Warren from the dead and enlisting his aid in the project.  Gifted with powers from Wai-Yi, Warren begins a campaign of terror designed to push Willow over the edge.  When Warren fails, Wai-Yi takes matters into his own hands.  He succeeds in bringing out Evil Willow, but in the process, he gets more than he expected.  Sara ends up being the only thing standing between Evil Willow and the world.

* Planned Third Screenplay *

As part of the resurrected Council, Willow takes on a new role as the Watcher of a brand new Slayer.  Anticipating the Slayer’s arrival, Willow moves to a new house (new to her anyway).  It’s an old but large house with more than enough space for Willow and Sara and Andrew as well as for rooms for training and researching.  Excited about the new place, the new Slayer, and her own new role, Willow fails to realize that she is getting much more than she bargained for: a house that exemplifies “fixer-upper,” a fourteen-year-old Slayer who needs a serious attitude adjustment, a  job that taxes even Willow’s irrepressible optimism (how did Giles do it?), and an uninvited guest who wreaks havoc on the lives of the house’s new occupants.

I didn't even know about the Watchers virtual series until after I had written these first two screenplays and began planning the third.  I knew that resurrecting the Council with Willow at the head was a good idea, and I was so pleased to see that some extremely talented writers had taken this idea and run with it.  I hope that my series will be half as good.

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