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5-24-12: I've added the next five chapters of "Follow Your Heart": Parts 11-15. Now that I'm on summer vacation, I hope to post chapters more frequently. And, yes, I will finish the final chapter of "Twice Chosen."

7-29-11: I know it's been a while, but I have been busy--just not busy here. In fact, I've started a new story, and I've been posting it at BuffynFaith.net. I've finally gotten time to take the first 10 chapters and post them here on my personal site. The story is called "Follow Your Heart." It's a Buffy/Faith story. Here is the story premise:

This story explores Faith's reaction to Buffy's death and resurrection, and it presents a new take on the real reason Buffy was raised from the dead.

There is also a music video that Bxverse Productions created for me. The video is not exactly like the story, but it's pretty damn cool. Here is the link to that video:

3-24-11: I have a new update for "Twice Chosen. It's Part 18B. Only one more piece after this one, and then this epic will be done.

3-10-11: I have posted an update for "Twice Chosen." It's Part 18A. I thought I could finish this chapter in one shot, but it got too long, so I split it. I hope you like the update!

I also added a new banner for "Unbreakable." To see it, click on this link: See Banner. Or you can navigate to Part 05 of "Unbreakable" and scroll all the way down to the end of the page.

1-18-11: Wow! I am so ecstatic about how my stories did
in the Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards.
To those of you who voted for me:
A Thousand-Thousand Thanks!

Your feedback emails over the years and your support
at times like this help me stay motivated to keep writing.

Best Angst

Best Plot

Best NC-17
"Pony Time"

Best Episode Rewrite
"The Buffy Tapes"

Happy Belated New Year, Everyone!

I hope your 2011 is off to a good start. I didn't get to write anything over my Christmas break, but I've managed to fit in some writing time in since New Year's, and I have an update for you. It's the final chapter of The Power of Three, Book 2 (and probably the end of the PoT series):
 Part 16.

I didn't think I'd ever get this PoT "epic" finished, but here it is. It's been fun, but whew...I'm tired! I do have an idea for a PoT Book 3, but I don't know if I'll ever explore it. If I do, it'll be a long time from now because I have a  new Buffy/Faith story already outlined and partially drafted that I'm really anxious to start on. I also have a Buffy/Tara story that's been on the back burner for a long time.

But don't worry...I haven't forgotten about Twice Chosen. I'm set to finish it by spring at the latest.

11-1-10: I have three stories nominated at the Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards:

The Buffy Tapes
Nominated for:
Best Episode Re-Write and
Best Pairing Unconventional

Nominated for:
Best Angst, Best Plot, and
Best Characterization (for Faith)

Pony Time
Nominated for:
Best NC-17

If you feel so inclined, vote for me. Voting goes from December 1, 2010 through January 3, 2011.


Nominations will go on through November 30, 2010, so if you have favorite stories by other writers that you feel are deserving, consider nominating them for an award. You'll make a writer's day! Be sure to read the rules for nominating, though.

8-1-10: I've posted a new chapter for "Twice Chosen." It's Part 17C. I hope you enjoy it. I've got basically one more (big) chapter to go before "Twice Chosen" will be complete.

6-5-10: I've posted another part for "Twice Chosen." It's Part 17B. I'm on summer vacation now, so I hope to get both "Twice Chosen" and "The Power of Three Book 2" completely finished. I do have a new Buffy/Faith story outlined, but I've made a deal with myself that I won't post any of it until after TC and PoTB2 are done. I can't leave those two stories hanging any longer.

1-3-10: I've posted a new partial chapter for "Twice Chosen." It's Part 17A. This chapter got too long, so I'm splitting it into smaller parts. I hope you enjoy it!

11-30-09: I've posted "Unbreakable" Part 5. This is the final chapter of this story, so this one is now complete.

10-7-09: Believe it or not, I actually posted a new chapter for "The Power of Three" Book 2. I posted Part 15. I thought this would be the final chapter of PoTB2, but it's not. The chapter got too long, so I had to split it. It looks like PoTB2 will end in Part 16 instead.

8-20-09: I've posted two new chapters for "Unbreakable": Part 3 and Part 4. I hope that you enjoy it. As with "The Buffy Tapes," you may want to re-read Part 1 and Part 2 since it's been so long.

8-9-09: I didn't get as much done this summer as I'd hoped, but I did accomplish one thing: I finished "The Buffy Tapes." I've posted both Part 2 and Part 3. You should probably re-read Part 1, though, since it's been so long. I have two new chapters for "Unbreakable" as well. As soon as Lilly is done editing those for me, I'll post them.

3-28-09: I've updated "Twice Chosen" with Part 16. There will not be a 15A and 15B as I expected. There will now be only 15 (originally 15A) and 16 (the new chapter). I hope you like it!

12-27-08: I've got a late Christmas present for you: an update for "Twice Chosen": Part 15A. This chapter got too long, so I had to split it into two parts. 15A is the first part. It's about 21 pages long, so it's a nice read. I've got a good bit done on 15B, and I am on Christmas break, so I might have the second part posted pretty quickly. Stay on the lookout. In the meantime, read, enjoy, and send me feedback! I love hearing from you.

10-31-08: Happy Halloween, Everybody! I've got a "treat" for you: an update for "Twice Chosen": Part 14. Let the long angsty ride continue!

08-09-08: I've posted the final section of "Twice Chosen 13: It's TC Part 13D. It's a long one, and it's stuck at the end of 13A-C, but this link should take you right there. If not, there is a bookmark link on the TC13 page that you can use to jump to the new section. I hope you like this part, and all of Part 13, actually. It's the start of a long, bumpy, angsty rollercoaster ride. So, hang on tight!

07-27-08: Upon reading some of the recent feedback, I was reminded by a reader (thank you, Gideon) that we needed some more "Power of Three"--in particular some more "pony time" from our favorite Wishverse visitors, Faith and Vamp Willow. I got inspired, so here it is: "Pony Time," a behind-the-scenes dramatization of the unaired Faith/Vamp Willow scene from PoT Book 2's Part 13. I hope you like it. I certainly had fun writing it!
Warning: This is a sexually explicit NC-17 story with a heavy
emphasis on BDSM play. If that sort of thing freaks you out, you may not want to read this one.

07-18-08: I've posted another part for "Twice Chosen": 13C. Check it out.

07-13-08: I thought I'd be updating TC next, but it turned out to be "Unbreakable." I've posted Part 2 of that story. I'm working on the next chapter of "Twice Chosen" now, however, and I hope to have TC 13C posted very soon.

06-10-08: I've updated "Power of Three" finally! Woo-hoo! I've posted Part 14 of Book 2. I don't have my part-to-part links done yet, though. After this chapter, I've got at least one more to go. It may end up being two if it runs too long, but otherwise, it's one more part to do and Book 2's done!

06-04-08: I've been nominated for a Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Award. It's for "Hidden: After The Dance" in the Best NC-17 category. Many thanks to whoever nominated me! If you want to learn more about SunnyD, check it out here: http://sunnydawards.dragonydreams.com/index.html

In other news, I've been working on "Power of Three," and I should have an update soon.

05-26-08: I know I haven't updated "Power of Three" or "Twice Chosen" yet, so I really shouldn't be starting yet another new story, but I just couldn't help myself. This one happened in a hurry, and I just followed my Muse. As Lilly says, "The Muse Rules!" So here's Part 01 of "The Buffy Tapes," a Buffy/Faith story set in both Season 3 and Season 4. And despite Kye's high hopes when she heard the title, the tapes do not refer to any naughty recordings. (Damn it.)

05-17-08: I just got through with my semester and am now officially on summer break. YAY! I'm planning to do a lot of writing this summer, so expect plenty of updates. I don't have a new chapter for any of my current stories, but I will soon, I promise! However, I do have the first chapter of a new story. I've been kicking this one around since last December, tinkering with it from time to time as I was able and whenever inspiration for it hit me. I'm trying a new technique with this story. I hope you like it. It's a Buffy/Faith story set in Season 3, and it's called "Unbreakable." Check it out. And don't forget to send feedback! I love hearing what you think. It's what keeps me motivated to write.

03-16-08: I've posted another partial update for "Twice Chosen." This one is 13B. It's on the same page as 13A, so you will have to scroll down to it because I did not put in a bookmark. I do have a separate summary for 13A and 13B in the heading, though. Hope you like the update!

01-19-08: Happy New Year, everybody! I can't believe it's 2008. Wow. Anyway, I've posted a partial update. I posted Part 13A for "Twice Chosen." This chapter is going to get really long, so I went ahead and split it so that I could get an update posted. I've gotten quite a few feedback emails and inquiries about "Twice Chosen" lately, so here's your reward. Enjoy!

12-27-07: I have posted the second half of Part 12 for "Twice Chosen." It is on the same web page as 12A, so I did modify the notes at the top to reflect that. You can scroll down for 12B or use the bookmark link in the chapter summary. In this chapter, we finally get to see our favorite slayers have their date to the Homecoming Dance. Yay! Plus, I've added a new banner to Part 12 as well. I hope you like the update, and I look forward to hearing from you.

12-22-07: I have posted one half of Part 12 for "Twice Chosen." This chapter (12A) got so long that I had to cut it in two. I will post the second half of this chapter soon. In the meantime, enjoy!

11-18-07: I have a brand new story on the site. It's called "Hidden: After the Dance." It's a spin-off of "Hidden," one of my Watchers episodes. It's a Buffy/Faith story, and it's also the first story that I've written that is rated NC-17 for explicit sex. You don't have to have read "Hidden" to appreciate the story, but it would certainly help to explain the context (http://thewatcherscouncil.net/seasonfour/hid/hid_teaser.htm). But then again, you can always read it just for the fun sex parts! <grin> I hope you enjoy it. I certainly enjoyed writing it, though I'm quite nervous about posting it since it's my first foray into writing explicit sex.

10-07-07: Guess what? I actually have an update! Woo-hoo! It's for "The Power of Three" Book 2. It's Part 13. I finally completed my Watchers episode for the first run of Season 5, so I was able to come back and finish this chapter that I had worked on back in August. Check out the PoT update and let me know what you think! Since it's been so long since I updated PoT, I recommend that you go back and re-read at least Part 12 of Book 2, maybe even Part 11. (I'll update the PoT inter-chapter links soon, I promise.)

I hope to update "Twice Chosen" soon too, so watch for that. If you're into Watchers, I hope you'll tune in for my episode "Time and Again," which will air the week of Halloween. It's the 100th episode of Watchers. Isn't that cool? Hard to believe, we've been going that long.

8-4-07: I've actually finished outlining Part 13 for "The Power of Three" Book 2. It took me forever! Real life intervened for months and months, and then I got stuck on a key plot point (how exactly to punish Caleb), but I'm past the tough spot now. I'll let you know when I have the chapter finished. By the way, more than likely Part 14 will be the last chapter of Book 2 and the end of the series (unless I decide to do a Book 3, which I might, but not any time soon--I do have an idea for it, though). Anyway, I also have a new avatar that Zahir made for me. Cool, huh?

7-8-07: I have posted Part 11 of "Twice Chosen," which also has two new banners that I made (one at the top and one at the bottom). So check it out and let me know what you think.
Remember, I live for feedback!

6-3-07: I have posted Part 10 of "Twice Chosen."
And guess what else? Lilly won Best Beta for her work on this story with me.
Well deserved, I say!

A message from Lilly herself: Thanks, everyone, for the votes!

One more thing: I have returned to "The Power of Three" Book 2.
I got a good bit outlined on the next chapter this past week.
I'm looking forward to getting back to this story.

4-24-07: I am working on Part 10 for "Twice Chosen," but due to the end-of-the-semester work load, it will probably be a few weeks before I get to finish and post the next chapter. Sorry for the delay. By the way, I have nominated Lilly as "Best Beta" at the current SunnyD Awards for her invaluable assistance with "Twice Chosen." If you get a chance, go and vote for her.

4-7-07: I have updated "Twice Chosen": Part 09.

3-18-07: I added another chapter to "Twice Chosen": Part 08. I hope you like it.

3-14-07: I have added Part 07 to my Buffy/Faith Season 3 story "Twice Chosen." I've already got a good start on Part 08 and hope to finish it before my spring break week is out.

2-8-07: I have added another chapter to "Twice Chosen": Part 06. I also started working on "The Power of Three" Book 2 again--just sketching an outline for the next chapter. For the next few weeks, however, I'll be focusing on my Watchers episode "Hidden," which is set to air early in March.

1-6-07: I have added another chapter to "Twice Chosen": Part 05.

12-28-06: I have updated the Buffy/Faith story "Twice Chosen" by posting both Part 03 and Part 04. I hope you like the way I have diverged from BTVS canon.

11-28-06: I have updated the Buffy/Faith story "Twice Chosen" by posting Part 02.

11-24-06: I have added a new chapter to "The Power of Three" Book 2. It's Part 12. Enjoy!

11-05-06: Holy cow, folks, I am in complete shock about the results of the latest SunnyD Awards. I racked up, and it just totally blows my mind. I figured I'd be doing good to come away with Best Beta. Anyway, thank you so much to Susan and Lilly, who are two that I know nominated me for some things, but most of all, thank you to all who voted for me. I am truly moved by your show of support. Without further ado, here are the results:

Best Beta: DragonWriter17
Best Episode Re-Write: "Twice Chosen" by DragonWriter17
Best Pairing (Unconventional): "The Power of Three" by DragonWriter17
Best Quickie Fic: "Twice Chosen" by DragonWriter17
Best Slash: "The Power of Three" by DragonWriter17

Best Author: DragonWriter17
Best Original Character Pairing: The Willow and Sara Series by DragonWriter17
Best Romance: "The Power of Three" by DragonWriter17
Best Series: "The Power of Three" by DragonWriter17
Best Unfinished Fic: "The Power of Three" by DragonWriter17
Best Angst: "Out of Shadow into Light" by DragonWriter17

The virtual series I write for, Watchers, also won two awards:
Best Series and Best Post-Series Fic


9-30-06: I added Part Eleven to "The Power of Three" Book 2. I have also added a new banner created by Isis for my story "Twice Chosen."

9-10-06: I have updated "The Power of Three" Book 2 with Part Ten.

9-6-06: I added a new story. It's a Kennedy/Rowena story set in the Watchers-verse. It's called "Just Pretend." It was written for Angie for the Watchers Auction to raise money for WriterCon 2006 travel. It's short; it's a behind-the-scenes story set in Season 3's "Skin Deep."

9-6-06: I've been nominated for some other awards at SunnyD, this time in the writing categories. I can't remember which ones, but they are on the nominees page.

8-22-06: I've been nominated for a SunnyD Award for Best Beta. Yay me!
Okay, going back to being humble now.

8-14-06: I added a new story. It's a Buffy/Faith story, and it's called "Twice Chosen." It was written for Lilly for the Watchers Auction to raise money for WriterCon 2006 travel. It's short, and it can stand alone, but more than likely it will be a story that I will continue later, perhaps after "The Power of Three" Book 2 is finished (which I am working on).

6-14-06: I just added Part Nine to "The Power of Three." (And yes, I know I haven't updated my inter-chapter links yet. Bad me, bad me!)

5-30-06: I have just added Part Eight to "The Power of Three." Be forewarned: This is a very dark and violent chapter. Read the content advisory!
(Also, I know I haven't updated all the inter-chapter links; I'll get to that as soon as I can.)

5-24-06: "The Power of Three" has finally been updated (after 9 months of being on hiatus). I added Book Two's Part Seven just now. Enjoy!

5-23-06: I have finished "Loss". It ended up having 9 parts to it. I had posted Parts 1-5 already, but now I've added Parts 6-9. And I'm finally returning to "The Power of Three." I've re-read Parts 5 & 6 in Book 2 to refresh my memory, and I've written the first few pages of Part 7. I will get this part posted as soon as I can, so stay tuned. I've also added an artwork page. I'm in the process of trying to learn PhotoShop, so I'll be posting my BTVS-type pictures on this page.

5-9-06: I'm almost done with the semester, so soon I'll be off for the summer, during which time I plan to return to "The Power of Three" and maybe some other stuff. In the meantime, I've got a new fan fiction story in the works. It's my first Watchers-based fan fic. It's called "Loss". Check it out.

1-03-06: Things are beginning to settle down a little, so I do hope to return to "The Power of Three" soon.  In the meantime, enjoy a brand new PoT logo created by Matt. It's at the bottom of the PoT main page.

12-14-05: Sorry I haven't posted anything new in a while.  Things have really been hectic in my personal life and at work; plus, Watchers keeps me pretty busy.  I will try to have an update soon.  I did create a cool logo, though.  I'm posting it at the very end of this page for now.

8-26-05: I've updated "The Power of Three." I posted Part 6 of Book Two.

7-12-05: I've updated "The Power of Three." I posted Part 5 of Book Two.  It's rather long, but I hope you like it.

6-11-05: I've finally updated "The Power of Three."  I posted Part 4 of Book Two.  Enjoy!

5-4-05: I've updated the Watchers area to include my work on both Watchers and Restoration.

5-04-05: I've actually fleshed out about four pages of Part 4 for Book Two of "The Power of Three," so I really am working on it, I promise!  Watchers and Restoration will be over by the end of the month, so will my spring semester.  That means I'll be able to get busy on "The Power of Three" then.  Stay tuned!

4-11-05: Sorry I haven't updated in a while. Things have been really busy at work and at both Watchers and Restoration. I promise an update soon!

2-27-05: I added Part 3 of Book Two of "The Power of Three."

2-26-05: I added Parts 1 and 2, of Book Two, of "The Power of Three."

12-31-04: I added the final part, Part 13, to "The Power of Three."

12-23-04: I added Part Twelve D to "Power of Three," completing Part 12.
Unfortunately, the story is still not complete.  Part 13 will have to be the concluding part.  Part 12 was already 28 pages, so I had to split it.

12-20-04: I added Part Twelve B and Part Twelve C to "The Power of Three."
(It's only a portion of Part Twelve, so the story is still not finished yet.)

11-20-04: SoulMate has been nominated for the Lie To Me Awards:

11-2-04: I added Part Twelve A to "The Power of Three."
(It's only a portion of Part Twelve, so the story is still not finished yet.)

10-31-04: I added a section for my episodes for the virtual
series Watchers: Restoration.

10-29-04: I finished adding The Rune-Bearer.

10-19-04: I added some stuff to Original Stories: (1) The Rune-Bearer (an original screenplay that is complete, but is still in the web conversion process); (2) Drakn Saga (an original novel in progress, the first two chapters posted).

10-9-04: I added Part Eleven to "The Power of Three."

9-23-04: I added Part Ten to "The Power of Three."

8-22-04: I added Soul Mate to the Willow and Sara Series.

8-14-04: I added Part Nine to "The Power of Three."

7-9-04: I added Part Eight to "The Power of Three."

7-4-04: I added Part Seven to "The Power of Three."