By DragonWriter17

Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer/Spoilers/Pairings: Not applicable.  This is an all-original piece.

My Website: http://www.dragonwriter17.net/

Feedback: Yes, but only if itís of the non-flamey variety: DragonWriter17@aol.com

Distribution: Only here.  (If you are interested in posting this on your site, please contact me first for permission.)

Authorís Notes: This is a novel in progress and may change significantly over time.

Number of Chapters: Unknown at this time.

Complete: No

Summary: Risking everything to fulfill a promise to her dying father, Tegan leaves her mountain cabin deep in Hyperion territory and travels to Sacrinsia, the isolated island that is home to the Drakns, an all-female race that is on the brink of war once again, with the Hyperions.  Once on the island, Tegan narrowly escapes execution as a spy and then faces a life-changing decision. 

This is a novel in progress. 
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